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The following services are offered by GreenBelt Protection Service, LLC. and are established requirements for our assigned security officers:

A.  ROVING SUPERVISORS:  Our supervisors act as liaisons between the site managers and your company staff.  Each skilled supervisor is responsible for the delegation, preparation, problem solving, documenting formal complaints, and post assignments of detailed guards.

B.  SPECIAL EVENTS ATTIRE:  Special event attire will consist of a navy blue blazer suit jacket with tie, and a white long or short sleeve shirt.

C.  UNIFORM ATTIRE: All guards are fitted with a light blue shirt and navy blue pants  with the GreenBelt Protection Service security badge, black belt, and black shoes.

D.  RESPONSIBILITIES:  Our commissioned officers are trained professionals that display are recognized for their polite and helpful service.  Their responsibilities are to patrol the area(s) of your facility to keep a watchful eye on valuable property, check credentials and verify individuals entering your facility.  Most importantly we establish an environment that reflects a trouble free for your residents and staff.  Prevention is the key to a smooth, hassle-free operation and we at GreenBelt Protection Service, LLC set the tone and standard for the safety and protection of your business.

Through key staffing and knowledge of potential problems, we can guard against and prevent problems before they occur, thereby allowing your staff focus on your residents and property management details.  We can also provide quality crowd control services in all aspects of security, parking lots, as well as consultation.  All GreenBelt Protection Service, employees are required to:

  • Attend a 16-hour company comprehensive training and orientation program.
  • Be drug free with pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug testing.
  • Individually attend venue orientations and additional on-the-job training.
  • Security Officers pass the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners Exam.
  • Commissioned Certified (armed) with the Orleans local law enforcement agencies and
         state board of directors.
  • Quarterly training courses in OSHA, Security Enforcement Procedures, and Emergency Care.
Our service is your security and we pride ourselves on being experts on your needs.  The staffing is carefully selected for each detail.  Our staff is efficient, informed, cooperative, and personable to create a pleasant and safe atmosphere for your business.  We perform our duties discreetly and/or with high visibility for maximum protection, our efforts are geared toward securing your business, property, manpower, and resources.
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